Value engineering

the same product at a better price

Have you noticed that sometimes after a few years, the margin in the cost price of the product disappears, but it’s necessary to keep up with lower-priced competitors? Then it’s time to think out of the box and start exploring other avenues. And that’s exactly what we are keen to do. For every single element in your product, we look at whether there are alternative materials or if we can buy the existing parts at a lower price. Or whether we can put the product together in a different, smarter way. The end result? A product with the same functionality and appearance, but a different cost. Do you lack the people, resources or capacity to take that valuable action? No worries. We will supplement your team and pave the way.

But we will also go even further. After we deliver a product, we stay involved. Our team is also on hand for product maintenance, product transfers and everyday engineering tasks. If required, they can acquire the knowledge needed to solve problems and complaints or to implement changes directly from you. This is where the strength of the Udenco specialists lies – our organisations in China and Slovakia are fully equipped to do this. Box build products and lifecycle management are not just empty technical terms for to us, they are in our DNA. Whether it involves electronics, metals, plastic parts or cabling – we can source, manage and assemble any part. And it can never be complex enough for our engineers, otherwise it would just get boring!

Sourcing & Supply chain management

Want to know more about sourcing products or managing stocks and logistics? Then take a look at our Sourcing and Supply chain management services.

See our sourcing service

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