There is so much capacity in the world. An incredible amount. Hundreds of reliable manufacturers, countless types of high-quality materials and an endless number of smart solutions. Let’s make smart use of it! Purchasing every part of your product from the best place will leave you with more money at the end of the process. And you will deliver the same quality. Maybe even better. In other words, we are not a ‘middle man that costs extra’. We are a partner who helps bring in money.

Who do we serve?

E-mobility, technical and medical industries. Every smart entrepreneur who wants to create a product more cost-effectively to stay ahead of the competition. Or companies that are exiting the start-up phase and intend to start production, but lack the capacity themselves. With a focus on sustainability and green energy. That’s what we are there for. Lower costs, less worry, more profit.

A lot of hassle? Not at all.

As a contract manufacturer – though we prefer to call ourselves a primary contractor – we organise all of the services for you. Purchasing, stock management, logistics and assembly. Our technicians will even contribute to the development of the product, if you wish. And we go that extra step further than the others. A leap further, in fact. Because before we start talking about quotes, prices and planning, we first like to make a prototype of the product. For a small fee or even free of charge for a good underlying project.

What can our services mean for you?

You tell us. You decide where we achieve your profit. Check out our services below!

Easily produce faster DC chargers?

We make it real

The demand for AC charging stations is rapidly changing to the much faster DC chargers. Is your company ready for that? It calls for a substantial investment, the right people, resources and smart organisation. Luckily, we have already done all the work for you. Together with our own development teams, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise around the world. In China, they are much further ahead in this department. Fortunately, we know the best manufacturers there and our very own clever engineers also work there.

The end result? A product line where you only need to put your stamp on the last 20%. And we do that for any challenge. Whether it’s DC chargers, solar energy or battery management – we make sure your vision becomes reality. With a fast time to market. It’s no accident that we are the best technology partner in green energy. The more complex the challenge, the better. Bring it on!

Our Services

Supply chain management

we are always a few steps ahead

Logistics is our thing. It’s where we’re strong. With our forecast planning and material management systems, we manage the stock required. We look at what you need. Taking into account fluctuations or seasonal patterns, of course. In fact, as soon as you think ‘this product is suddenly starting to move fast, when can you deliver?’, it’s probably already on its way.

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the best suppliers and raw materials worldwide

Does your engineering department buy locally through a standard catalogue? Then you are missing out. We source worldwide, beyond the standard catalogues. This means we can guarantee the same quality and functionalities at better prices and conditions.

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Value engineering

the same product at a better price

Have you noticed that sometimes after a few years, the margin in the cost price of the product disappears, but it’s necessary to keep up with lower-priced competitors? Then it’s time to think out of the box and start exploring other avenues. And that’s exactly what we are keen to do.

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Product development

sustainable products ready for your branding

Why develop something from scratch if it already exists? We offer sustainable, green concepts. Tailor made of course: the last 20% can be made completely according to your specifications. We provide the right technical foundation, you provide the right branding and design so that the product fits your company.

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a product with all the right certifications

As a company, you certainly want to meet all the necessary quality standards. And to be able to demonstrate that with the right certifications. With us, you don’t have to figure it out yourself. We check the quality for you and take care of everything.

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