Working with trust

At Udenco we work with focus, care and craftsmanship - but above all: with passion. We like finding the best possible deal. We are driven to deliver perfect quality, but with substantial cost reductions! We get a kick out of that. We work very closely with our customers. Clear communication is key. But above all, we work together to achieve the best results. This means that no matter how virtual our production may be, we are always very close to our customers.

CEO Rob van den Acker: 

“I like to maintain an open relationship with my customers. Trust is everything. Trust has cost me a bit of money at times, but I am persistent. I don’t work just because I have a contract, but mostly because it feels right. If my heart tells me ‘go for it’, then I go for it. Everyone always needs thousands of documents and assurances – I go for that feeling. I visit all of the suppliers myself. I am the audit.”

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