the best suppliers and raw materials worldwide

Does your engineering department buy locally through a standard catalogue? Then you are missing out. We source worldwide, beyond the standard catalogues. This means we can guarantee the same quality and functionalities at better prices and conditions.


How do we achieve that?

By using our network that we have developed over the past 20 years as well as our local sourcing teams. Our own engineers in China and Slovakia know the Asian and European markets like the back of their hands and understand exactly what is going on. Since we have hands, feet, eyes and ears on the ground there, we know the best suppliers and can constantly monitor quality and solve any problems immediately. That is how we are able to manage the supply chain like no other, working with the best prices and conditions and avoiding delays. 

On top of that, if a product you make has 100 different components, you lose a lot of time on procurement, invoicing and ordering. It costs money and capacity to manage all that. Let us do it for you. It’s a lot cheaper and you will instantly benefit from our large scale. We pay a lot less than you do for circuit boards, because we buy them for several customers at the same time.

Value engineering

Looking for box build products? We can arrange that for you, too. 

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