Our Story

Sometimes you get that ‘Eureka’ moment. Udenco founder and owner Rob van den Acker had already set up several companies when he noticed that you always have either too few or too many people and machines and often have to run a high financial risk. After all, the market is constantly rising and falling. On top of that, the cost price of a product is largely determined by the materials. This insight led him to start working as a contract manufacturer in 2004, using his own sourcing and materials: Udenco was born. And very satisfied customers soon proved that the company had hit the mark. 

Why are they so satisfied? When you want to outsource something, it’s difficult to find a reliable partner that is good at what it does. Often you are stuck with them, while the world continues changing and new technologies emerge at every corner. Perhaps that particular supplier is not yet capable or advanced in that area. What then? That’s why it is always smarter to be able to choose from several suppliers. In our extensive network, we have specialists in every conceivable technical field, using the global capacity available for high volumes or small series. This means that our customers do not have to think it through, figure it out and negotiate it themselves. That is the strength of Udenco.

After many years of successful cooperation with Gymna (Belgium), SPX (Germany), Vanderlande and Vebabox (Netherlands) and others, we can proudly add Ecotap (Netherlands) to our list of prominent customers. But our engineers are also eager to apply their technical knowledge to other industries and companies with products of their own.

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