Supply chain management

we are always a few steps ahead  

Logistics is our thing. It’s where we’re strong. With our forecast planning and material management systems, we manage the stock required. We look at what you need. Taking into account fluctuations or seasonal patterns, of course. In fact, as soon as you think ‘this product is suddenly starting to move fast, when can you deliver?’, it’s probably already on its way. Anticipating developments, thinking ahead and demonstrating entrepreneurship helps us keep delivery times short. That is our investment, and one in which we are happy to take a little risk. Can you see that demand is rising and that you will be able to sell more? Then we make sure that you can respond to that demand quickly and flexibly. It’s actually just like playing chess. We don’t just think about the next move, but also a few steps ahead.


We also prefer to work with you to find materials that are cheaper and more readily available. Of course with the same quality or better. Through early involvement, we are able to advise you on product development at an early stage, allowing you to make smart choices when it comes to price and availability. This ensures that you won’t be taken by surprise later on in the process. 

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