Mechatronic solutions

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics combines various engineering disciplines: mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, control engineering, and systems design engineering in order to design, and manufacture useful products

By bringing these disciplines together effectively we can improve many production processes. A mechatronics engineer keeps a better overview of a project and maintain a better and smoother cooperation thus improving the speed, reliability and flexibility of the processes.

Mechatronics in Asia

Our Mechatronics divisions in Asia are specialised in the assembly of high end mechatronics components and products - low-volume, high-precision.

The processes and quality of work and delivered product are similar or better than the Western standard. If necessary we train and school local employees on various parts. All processes are design conform ISO 9001 and expanded with all necessary European standarts.

Cost benefits

An important market for these divisions is the Asian Market, but Western producers increasingly find us as cost effective alternative - for parts and modules. This cost benefit is especially interesting when the European or American products have Asia and the Middle-East as their market.

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