With the start and development of Udenco we fully focussed on technical excellence, guarantee in quality, flexibility and finding and expanding cost reducing purchasing and production.

The structure of the organisation is lean & mean. We do not own any production plant. From experience we know that they way disproportionately on the overhead, making specialisation necessary. Which would be conflicting with our quest for flexibility. We do own our own assembly plant. In Slovenia top mechatronics engineers work at the re-engineering and assembly of your products.

You can only build an organisation like this on years of experience and a strong network. Udenco has that network, has that experience. Especially in Asia and Eastern Europe we have been working for years with partners and carefully selected subcontractors.

We excel in managing a virtual production chain in a network. Next to re-engineering existing technology it is our  core-business.

Working with trust

Udenco works with attention, care and workmanship - but mainly: with passion. We like finding the best purchase. We are driven to deliver the perfect quality (BUT with a 25% cost reduction!). We get a kick out of it.

We work very closely with our clients. We appreciate clarity in communication. But especially 'working together for the best result'. This means that we, however virtual our production may be, are always very close to our clients. Well integrated in the production process.

Our clients appreciate our flexibility, care and drive to improve constantly. But maybe our best quality is that we work with mutual trust and respect.

CEO Rob van den Acker: "I like having an open relation with my clients. Trust is everything. You know, trust cost me a lot of money, but I am persistent. I do not work because I have a contract, but because it feels good. When my heart tells me 'go', I go. Everybody always needs thousands of documents and securities, I go for that feeling. I visit all suppliers myself. I am the audit."

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