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Udenco proves added value as a sourcing specialist and virtual production channel

As one of the world's leading suppliers for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Gymna focuses on providing the highest quality products with added value for users. Udenco is the permanent virtual production channel for Gymna when it comes to electronic parts and the cushions in the massage tables. But the collaboration goes further than that: Gymna invited Udenco early in the design process last year. “Udenco has very good technical know-how and they are especially strong in sourcing parts”, say Marcel Doucé and Aline Linssen of Gymna. “What really stands out is how hard they want to work and how committed they are to their customer. Everyone at Udenco is highly motivated.”

“Udenco thinks, designs and develops along with Gymna”

From sourcing to virtual production channel

“Even before Udenco became Gymna virtual production line, Udenco was already helping us, but only as a sourcing specialist. During that period, Udenco already made us an attractive proposal. So when our regular producer ceased to exist, it was not difficult to make a decision,” explains Linssen, “And everything has been going well since then,” adds Doucé, “it really feels like we have an internal unit with Udenco. Colleagues you can just drop by with a question. And we do that regularly.”

As if you have your own unit

This led to Udenco joining the drawing board early last year. Doucé: “That was useful and lucrative for everyone. We benefit from the technical ingenuity and the sourcing of Udenco and Udenco is given the opportunity to think along about production improvements already in the design.”

Linssen: “Udenco distinguishes itself through technical insight and sourcing, but above all through its flexibility. And it is in the people of Udenco. What really stands out is how hard they want to work and how committed they are to their customer. We often notice this. Everyone at Udenco is highly motivated.”


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