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Udenco accelerates and improves the production process VebaBox

More and more products are transported temperature-controlled. The quality requirements are becoming stricter, the roads and cities are busier and the importance of sustainability is increasing. That requires a smarter approach. VebaBox wants to break the traditional cold chain with innovative and efficient solutions. How? By actively or passively cooling the load carrier. This prevents cold chain breaks and makes every step in the chain more efficient, flexible and sustainable. Roland van de Ven, general manager of VebaBox, tells us how they make use of the added value of Udenco.

“Udenco is an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who have come up with something, but do not yet know how to produce it”

VebaBox is convinced that they can change the refrigerated transport market. But they can't do that alone. Roland explains:

“We have developed concepts that we cannot produce ourselves. We do not have the right manufacturing knowledge and the technical know-how to market this product in a mature way. In addition, we think we will conquer the world with this product, so we need production capacity. And that's where Udenco came into the picture 6 years ago. We are responsible for product development and technical development, but Udenco takes over from the moment we go into production. Think of the elaboration of the production line and the sourcing of components.”

The power of Udenco: experienced, flexible and fast

Why is Udenco so good at that? “It's the model they have in mind,” says Roland. “The specialists at Udenco understand exactly what a company like VebaBox is missing and know which mistakes we will make if we have to organize it ourselves.

They have that expertise in-house and can organize a purchasing and production process efficiently and well. They know which components they need, which work they want to outsource and how to organize this smartly in the supply chain. In this way, Udenco takes the complete sourcing and planning out of our hands. All at a competitive price, while quality is guaranteed.”

VebaBox also has agreements with Udenco about the stock of long-term components. Roland explains: “Because Udenco keeps these parts in stock for us, we are very flexible and we can go into production much faster and therefore deliver at short notice.”


Nice to work with specialists

VebaBox works very well together with the experienced forces of Udenco. “We have a lot of contact with a few Udenco employees. You can call them at night if necessary. They are very involved and just know what they are talking about.

In addition, they sometimes also give advice on how things might be handled better. In terms of technology, but also in terms of logistics. Udenco is an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who have come up with something, but are still struggling with how to get it produced. Or just have a cost issue.

With the strong and extensive network of Udenco in Europe and China, they always know how to come up with a good alternative. And that is ideal in these times, with a lot of shortage in the market”, Roland concludes.


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