Assembling complete products

We have an extensive portfolio of completely assembled products. We can also do that for you: from the re-design to finding and contracting suppliers and the management of the complete production and logistics up to delivery. You profit from the cost benefits of working in low cost countries while at the same time you can count on support in your own language and timezone.

Our department quality control sees to it that every step in the production process is guaranteed with regards to continuity, quality and sustainability (socially as well as environmentally).

Our portfolio consists of:

  • Placing components
  • Electronic parts
  • Mechanical parts
  • Electro-mechenical assemblies
  • Functional testing
  • Full retail packaging

Assembly components

Next to turn-key products we also deliver components. Our plant in Central Europa makes:

  • Mechanical production and assembly
  • Wiring
  • Plast-molding production
  • Engineering
  • Electro production and assembly
  • Electronics
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