Click the image to see our product portfolio. It gives a good impression of the disciplines and markets in which Udenco operates. And if you want to know what we can do for you, call or mail us. (To see the Product Portfolio in pdf, click here).

PCB division

  • Udenco_pcb_01Fixed PCBs: single, double or in more layers
  • Flexibele PCs: single, double or in more layers (with or without connectors and components)
  • Combined Flexible-Fixed

Components division

  • Udenco_components_01Winding: transformers, coil, inductor...
  • Switch: sliding, contact, DIP…
  • Silicone rubber, zebra FFC

Plastic and aluminium parts

  • kunststof compilatieThermo-shaping
  • Plastic injection
  • Sand casting aluminum
  • High pressure aluminum injection
  • Rubber parts
  • Extrude aluminum
  • Plastic

Metal parts

  • Udenco_metalparts_02CNC turning and milling
  • Sheet metal and stainless steel
  • Welding and Construction

Pressure vessels conform international norms

  • drukvaten compilatieStainless steel pressure vessels
  • Steal pressure vessels
  • Piping and systems
  • Heat exchanger

Assembly division

  • Udenco_assemblage_01Assembling semi-finished or modules
  • Complete products
  • Composition, packaging and testing

Approvals & Certification

(see also the six values of quality at Udenco)

  • Pressure vessels: AD2000, PED97/23EV, ASME, CCS,EN13445, EN13480,PD5500
  • Industrial : ISO9001,ISO14000,QS9000,ISO/TL16949
  • Medisch: ISO13485,ISO15189
  • Telecom: TL9000
  • Case study medical.jpg

    Gymna Uniphy thinks with Udenco

    Udenco is Gymna Uniphy's preferred supplier when it comes to electronic parts and components and the pillows used in their massage tables. But, the cooperation involves more; last year Gymna Uniphy invited Udenco to join them in an early stage of the design process. 'Udenco has extensive technical knowledge and especially their sourcing is outstanding,' say Marcel Doucé and Aline Linssen from Gymna Uniphy.

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