Our approach leads to successful projects in which we work pro-actively. Click on the image below to get an impression of how Udenco could also serve you.

Ths is how we see it: when you work with Udenco, you get your own virtual production chain.

Besides knowledge of you product we therefor need to know everything about your standard of quality, certificate and your wishes regarding volume, volume variations and speed of action. At the same time you will be introduced with our project organisation and the network you are going to work with.

After this first orientation we draft a plan and calculate a budget. If you are interested, we take you to our suppliers and assembly plant. We think it is important that you not only get a perfect product, but that you know the process, people and organisations involved.

If you agree with our proposal, you instantly scaled up your production chain and gained flexibility in production and cost reduction for your entire organisation.

10 good reasons to work with Udenco

  1. Long, extensive experience with purchasing in low cost countries
  2. Widespread, well established network of suppliers.
  3. A large combined purchasing volume at our suppliers provides us with:
    • attractive product pricing,
    • low minimal order volume, and
    • competitive transport costs.
  4. We handle all logistics and supervise all transport data.
  5. We negotiate delivering conditions with suppliers.
  6. Transparent information.
  7. Active development suppliers when it comes to environment, working condition, safety and communications et cetera.
  8. Every client gets a dedicated purchasing team.
  9. Quality inspection available at every moment.
  10. Performance based compensation.

Sounds appealing? Interested, any questions? Call or mail us, we are happy to help.

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