Renewable Energy

udenco autoYou want to perform better? Get more out of your current portfolio? Well, then you will do good by outsourcing parts of your technology within a virtual production chain. With our partner companies in Asia, we are in the forefront of the possibilities in Renewagle Energy. In general we not only produce more cost effective, but our knowledge network adds value to the product or parts themselves. Now and in the future.

Udenco has been investing in green knowledge for years. In Asia - because of the attractive costs, the high and constant quality and the flexible work attitude. In Asia development and innovations in Renewable Energy are moving very fast. We are there and let you and your products profit from their rapidly increasing knowledge.

Asia is dominating knowledge and production solar panels.

Asia's share in produced solar panels will increase in 2012 to two-third of the market. The ten most important producers even have ninety percent their products made in Asia. The simple reason being that 1) the quality is high, constant and guaranteed, 2) innovation is happening rapidly and 3) production in Asia is up to 50% cheaper.

The production capacity of most European players is small and flexibility is even smaller. Ditch producers for instance have no production locations in Asia. It is therefor hard for them to keep up to speed with the international standard.

With Udenco you build yourself a production unit that has more chance of growth and is at the same time better equipped to handle unforeseeable financial mayhem such as the crisis of 2009 and 2010.

Udenco also offers solutions for:

  • AOI control
  • Industrial modules
  • Project management
  • PCBA
  • Cost reduction
  • Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing production
  • Purchase to low wages country
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