Medical device assembly and process equipment

Partner in medical development

Medical equipmentTechnical developments are fast. Medical companies are increasingly under pressure to deliver new innovative products.With Udenco you have a partner in production that is not only fast and certified (in accordance with all approvals and certificates) and delivers with more than competitive prices; you have a partner who actively helps you find solutions.

We cooperate with medical companies and supply a wide range of products. Varying from farma to disposable and from electronic components to fully operational equipment.

Mechanical assemblage and electronic assemblage for medical applications

Medical assemblageNext to assembly at the plants of our selected partners, we assemble in clean rooms. Our extensive network is fully equipped to perform fine mechanical assemblage and electronic assemblage especially for medical applications. We also produce injection molded plastics, mounted circuit boards (PCBAs), transformers and magnetic components that you can use in your medical equipment - all managed from our Chinese offices.

Clever medical appliances and equipment design

Our design team, specialised in medical appliances and equipment, develops your concept and manages production and first functional tests.

How do you gain eficiency with the production of your medical products whilst producing confrom the high requirements of the medical market in a chain where keywords such as tracebility and patient safety are standard?

More profit on existing medical products

Medical virtual production chainMaybe you tried it before: increasing profit on products at the end of their life cycle. With the outsourcing of parts of the production chain you probably were faced with the challenge of 'quality control'. Not all suppliers have all the right approvals and it often proves hard to guarantee 100% traceability.

Udenco has been an active player on the medical market for years now. We developed our network based on all mandatory and many not required certifications and approvals. Next to that, we build a virtual production chain that is fully traceable.

Approvals & certification

(see also the six values of quality at Udenco)

ISO13485, ISO15189

Udenco's solutions for:

  • Medical assembly
  • Medical production
  • Modules assembly
  • Appliances
  • Electro production
  • Mechanical production
  • Electronic production
  • Main contractor
  • Contract partner
  • CE partner of production
  • Main contractor
  • Electronic Manufacturing
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    Gymna Uniphy thinks with Udenco

    Udenco is Gymna Uniphy's preferred supplier when it comes to electronic parts and components and the pillows used in their massage tables. But, the cooperation involves more; last year Gymna Uniphy invited Udenco to join them in an early stage of the design process. 'Udenco has extensive technical knowledge and especially their sourcing is outstanding,' say Marcel Doucé and Aline Linssen from Gymna Uniphy.

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