Industrial solutions

Cost, quality and flexibiliity

ind_03Your product brought to market for a better price. To achieve that, you need a supply chain that is reliable and has a low cost pattern and a lot of flexibility. Outsourcing is only possible when the entire chain meets international standards and the high norms of of industrial application.  Next to that, the technique involved is highly varied and the volume relatively low.

We realise the production chain you need. With suppliers tuned into the market. With this we answer your business challenges and give new commercial life to products in the end of their life cycle.

Reduce costs with low volume and high complexity

industrial solutionsYour challenge is how to get this done; organisationally and in purchasing?

Our organisational approach of these challenges gives you the opportunity to operate at the forefront of a world that is changing quickly and substantially without burdening you rown organisation. External partners manage and maintain according to international standards such as Din and ISO. 

industrial solutions 4Udenco works with a diversified productionmodel based on a network. So, the weight is not lifted by one production unit, we place the work there where it costs the least handling. And with our extensive experience in low cost countries we quickly know how much we can save by purchasing smartly.

Quality guaranteed

Our suppliers have all required and many non-requierd certifications in all markets we work in. Every product we produce can be fully traceable.

Approvals & Certification

(see also the six values of quality at Udenco)

ISO9001, ISO14000, QS9000, ISO/TL16949

Udenco, specialist in:

  • Mechatronics
  • Electronic assembly
  • Sub assembly
  • Panel assembly
  • Switches box
  • Outsourcing
  • CE production
  • SMD production
  • HMT production
  • PCB assembly
  • Electronic production
  • Cable harness
  • Switchbox
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