You probaly have tought about it: your new or existing products assembled in a region that has been engineering and producing trend-sensitive consumer products. The only question you have is where to start. Which companies to select and how to build clear and reliable communications?

With Udenco you can take the step without all the bothersome questions. You will be communicating with people from your own culture in your own language. And we will make sure that everything happens exactly the way you want it.


con_01Products at the end of their life cycle confront you with difficult questions. The market is not saturated, but you have trouble predicting volume and time frame. The costs of production need to go down to maximise profit. And on top of everything, you can not take to many risks with this product.

Udenco changes these difficult questions into opportunities.

Hard to predict volumes and production speed

con_02Our partner organisations in Asia are high end technological companies specialised in mechatronics. Their quality meets and often supersedes what you are used to. But their real distinctiveness is their flexibility. Even after years of experience we often are amazed by their versatility and speed of action.

Lowering costs of production

Saving on purchasing: we re-engineer your technology, maintaining its quality and guarantees. Our experience and our network enable us to achieve considerable cost reductions at segments of the production.

con_03Saving on efficiency: our production method, doing lots with little overhead, enables us to work with very (very) sharp budgets. Plus, the advantage of working in a network is: we make parts where they are cheapest.

No large risks anymore

You also outsourced risk! This gives you the opportunity to make profit where you might not have done so before.

Approvals & Certification

(see also the six values of quality at Udenco)

ISO13485, ISO15189

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