Udenco network

A strong network

When you work with Udenco, you expand your production line with a global production network. This network, its capacity to act, its quality and flexibility is the core of Udenco. Just as important as what we make is how we make it, with whom and how we transfer products and components.

Pillars in our network are Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. We work in these regions for more than three decades now. We have a longstanding relation with our suppiers there and together with them we build an even stronger network; in knowledge and experience.

A dynamic network

Udenco's network is everything but static. Our scouts never seize to find new suppliers who: a) support our current portfolio, b) broaden our portfolio and c) keep us, our suplliers and clienst sharp.

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For direct contact please call 0031 492 32 51 39, mail to info@udenco.nl or use the call me back button.


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